Russell Long,
on Tax Policy

“Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.”

When a struggling ex-gangster learns his former boss has been murdered, he hatches a blackmail scheme, then targets possible suspects. And the race is on: he must complete his rounds before the killer is caught by a detective who lately sees his life, and his current case, as a bad game of Go, the ancient game of strategy and his obsession. From the California Riviera to the underside of south Florida, from the nation’s capital to a Georgia swampland, separate lives are entangled: old school pals, boutique information brokers, the detective and the ex-gangster, who in spite of his faults has pearls of wisdom for everyone, even his victims. The awkward, erudite detective finally pegs a charismatic all-night donut café owner as the one who holds the key — not to solving the case; to unlocking his dormant heart.

Stop, Go, Murder, released in late 2017, is now available on Amazon and in selected bookstores. If you’re in or you’re visiting Orange County, California, you can make your purchase at Laguna Beach Books — at 1200 South Coast Highway, in Laguna — and feel good about supporting an excellent independent bookseller.

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❝Paul's observations are always insightful, and his predictions amazingly accurate. He’s one of our most popular presenters.❞
       -Diane Pritchett, Executive Director
        South Coast Metro Alliance
        Orange County, California