Mahatma Ghandi, on Change

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”





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One of the silliest international incidents of 2017…Yeah, so I’m happy the Bruin ballers are back, for their sake and their families, but at what cost to the rest of us? Anyone who thinks this is free does not understand the nature of dealing with the Chinese at this level. So … President Deal-Maker Extraordinaire… Read more »

The OC Has Come of Age and Faces the Same Challenges as the Rest of California

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This Southern California county voted Democrat in 2016, the first time since FDR. A majority still registers Republican, but the gap has narrowed. Since I first arrived here, in the late 1980s, many things have changed. For one thing the county is more diverse, with nearly one in three foreign-born. The population altogether has doubled, and,… Read more »

Fetish of Process Perverts the People’s Business

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Los Angeles Mayor Garrcetti’s recent executive order barring developers from talking with planning commissioners, except in public hearings, is the latest assault on smart government in California, where the process has become as important as the outcome. Maybe more important. Garcetti’s gesture of course was dressed up in the holy name of “transparency.” Right. Recently… Read more »

States’ Rights Fall to Hypocrisy

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Most Republicans, also the president, talk of deconstructing government. Of devolving power beyond the Beltway, to where people work and live. Usually this is couched in terms of “states’ rights.” A supposedly important principle. Except, I guess, not so important. Not when it flies in the face of someone’s allegiance to certain interests. Or fails to align… Read more »

Brave New World

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“…politics is just the latest industry to be transformed by the Internet…,” says Ben Thompson on his blog stratechery.com which is not about politics. It concerns the evolution and influence of technology. Thompson writes, “…more than two billion people own smartphones, the entire post-World War II economic order is teetering, and populism is on the march; I… Read more »

Put a Bullet in the Bullet Train

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Love trains. Got no issue with spending gobs of public money for a California fast train system that people use and enjoy, and that for every good reason becomes the envy of the world. Not happening. There is no such plan. Not remotely. If this pig-in-a-poke isn’t mercifully knocked off the rails it will prove… Read more »