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Mustering the energy for thoughtful and honest expression can be hard work no matter what. Especially in real time, and effectively, when no one wants to hear it. Blogging is an outlet and easy escape. With a blog I can say, I’m not sure what to say, but hey, you can check out my blog. Periodic posts on global affairs, life in California, and U. S. politics and culture. New posts are below; old posts are in the archives. Opinions are my own, not my clients’. Please subscribe to get notice of what’s new. 

Made My Day

1/24/2018 I read this the other day, and I'm not sure why I found it so disturbing: a current teen craze has them putting pods of detergent in their mouths. It's the "Tide pod challenge." It should be no surprise to right-thinking adults that doctors dealing with this, tending to those who fall ill, say the pods are poisonous,… more

Theater of the Absurd

1/19/18 If you're looking for a dose of the truly absurd, you don't have to go to off-Broadway. Visit Washington, D. C. That the United States, to avoid a government shutdown, must routinely stage this stupid, dispiriting, embarrassing drama is nothing less than mind-boggling. It's happening so often now, we've become inured to… more

Myths of Exceptionalism, A Need to Awaken to the World

12/21/17 Two things I read this morning got to me, got me thinking, got me even more upset about the State of the Union. The first was a report that, thanks in part to the opioid pandemic, Americans' life expectancy is dropping, down now to what it was a half century… more

Ray Moore’s Woebegone Days of Slavery, What His Defeat Really Means, Who the Real Hero Was, and Republicans’ Genuine Gift to Democrats

    12/13/17 Note #1 to Democrats: for Ray Moore’s defeat in Alabama’s special election yesterday, be thankful not merely for the larger-than-expected Democratic turnout, be thankful to tens of thousands of Republicans. And to one in particular. I don’t know how many Republicans crossed over for the Democrat, or… more

Where is the Middle Way in the Middle East?

Cross currents, shifting alliances, surrogate wars, civil strife — in the Middle East, it comes with the (often disputed) territory. That won’t change any time soon. Not with the region’s underlying and overarching cultural and religious conflicts. As some offer up on Facebook, concerning their relationships, it's complicated. Thomas Friedman's opinion… more


One of the silliest international incidents of 2017...Yeah, so I’m happy the Bruin ballers are back, for their sake and their families, but at what cost to the rest of us? Anyone who thinks this is free does not understand the nature of dealing with the Chinese at this level.… more

All for One and One for All (not)

The US now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Nicaragua and Syria against the rest of the world, thanks to the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. Brings to mind that old saw about the company you keep… Truly it’s hard to fathom: Trump couldn’t find a way to abide… more

Me to 45: Your Hickory Schtick Makes Me Sick

The 100-day milestone for a new president has always struck me as silly. Yet I find today I've reached my own milestone. I set out disheartened but determined to be fair, to judge on the merits. On this the 104th day of Donald Trump's presidency, I find I'm sick to my… more

The OC Has Come of Age and Faces the Same Challenges as the Rest of California

This Southern California county voted Democrat in 2016, the first time since FDR. A majority still registers Republican, but the gap has narrowed. Since I first arrived here, in the late 1980s, many things have changed. For one thing the county is more diverse, with nearly one in three foreign-born. The… more

Fetish of Process Perverts the People’s Business

Los Angeles Mayor Garrcetti's recent executive order barring developers from talking with planning commissioners, except in public hearings, is the latest assault on smart government in California, where the process has become as important as the outcome. Maybe more important. Garcetti's gesture of course was dressed up in the holy… more


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